Licensing and Copyrights

Copyright and Licensing conditions

The manuscripts published by Kampala International University Law Journal (KIULJ) are all open access, published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (cc-by). This means that, authors provide all manuscript content to be accessed by users freely at no cost. Readers can freely read, download, copy, print, and distribute full article for any lawful purpose without asking permission from the publisher or authors. Thus, authors do retain the copyright but give KIULJ and other interested parties an irrevocable license to use the material free of charge as long as they cite it properly (CC-by).

The authors of manuscripts published by KIULJ certify that;

  • After revisions resulting from peer review, all authors and co-authors authorize publishing the manuscript.
  • The work under consideration has not been published previously, nor has it been submitted for publishing to any other journal.
  • The author acknowledge the publication of their whole work on KJED, together with its online hyperlinked databases.
  • Every outcome and discovery is unique, properly referenced and cited.