Volume 4, Issue 2 (2022)

Volume 4, Issue 2 (2022)

Published: 2nd Dec, 2022

ISSN: 2519-9501 (Online)
Publisher: Kampala International University (KIU)


Invasion of ukraine: interrogating the criminal liability of russia under international law.

Ifeolu John Koni, PhD [ Pages: 1-22 ]

Climate change, human rights and the response of the African human rights system: focus on the African commission and the court on human and peoples’ rights.

Kelese George Nshom & Gideon Fosoh Ngwome [ Pages: 23-45 ]

Legal mechanisms to counter tax avoidance in Nigeria.

Isau Olatunji Ahmed, Ph.D. [ Pages: 46-62 ]

State and individual responsibilities for crime of aggression under the Rome statute: what prospect for international criminal justice.

Fon Fielding Forsuh (Ph.D.) [ Pages: 63-85 ]

Gender discrimination and the international division of labour: a legal appraisal.

O. F. Oluduro & Y. F. Oluwajobi [ Pages: 86-112 ]

Erosion of the philosophy of positivism through judicial activism: Emerging trend in the principle of judicial precedent in Nigeria.

Igbonoh A Joshua, PhD [ Pages: 113-129 ]

The impact of international law on domestic corpus: a review of attorney-general, cross river state v attorney-general of the federation.

Yahya Duro U. Hambali, PhD & Josephine N Egemonu, LLM [ Pages: 130-140 ]

Resistance Against Rape And Kidnapping In Nigeria: Justifying Lethal Self defence Against Violent Crimes.

Atero Akujobi, PhD [ Pages: 141-155 ]

Judicial impartiality and independence in nigeria: a reality or a façade?.

Dorcas A Akinpelu, LLM & Adeola O. Agboola, LLM [ Pages: 156-169 ]

The statute of extraordinary African chambers: an end to impunity in Africa?.

Joel A Adeyeye, Ph.D [ Pages: 170-193 ]

Exploring the justiciability of economic, social and cultural rights in Nigeria.

Dr. Amade Roberts Amana & Dr. Solomon A. Ienlanye [ Pages: 194-206 ]

Reflections on the cleavages of identity and individuality of women in cameroon.

Nchotu Veraline N. Minang Ph. D [ Pages: 207-230 ]
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