KIULJ Volume. 4, Issue 2 (2022)


Yahya Duro U. Hambali, PhD & Josephine N Egemonu, LLM


International Law Littoral State Domestic Law Derivation Nigeria

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The impact of international law on domestic corpus: a review of attorney-general, cross river state v attorney-general of the federation

Abstract: Abstract International law shares similar attributes with national law with defined rules and established courts. Decisions of International Courts such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and International Criminal Court (ICC) are meant to be obeyed and enforced by the international community. This may affect some domestic laws that regulate some state of affairs within a State. Accordingly, the objective of this review is to examine how the decisions of the ICJ in Attorney General, Cross River State v Attorney-General of the Federation &Anor. has affected Nigeria’s policy which had prior to the judgment classified Cross River State as a littoral State to enable it to enjoy the benefits of the 13% revenue derivation from the Federation Account. The review adopted a doctrinal approach to answering the lone question of whether the judgment of the ICJ in the case under review changed the status of Cross River State from a littoral State to a landlocked State contrary to the state of affairs before the judgment. It was found that the judgment and the principles of international law were heavily relied on by the apex national court to arrive at its decisions in the case under review. It is therefore evident that according to rules of international law as much respect as it is accorded domestic law does not in any way question the sovereignty of any nation but rather promotes peace among sovereign nations.